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Black bream are the first of the summer fish to arrive and can be caught from the very end of March to the beginning of October. There aren't may places you don't catch bream but they do favour rough ground. Tides don't seem to be an important factor in bream fishing, the most important things being hook size (smaller the better) and concentrating on bites that can be hard to hit at times. That said there are occasions particularly when the Bream are on the bigger side when whole Squid or Mackerel fillet can be devastating. All rigs can catch Bream depending on their mood and the size of the fish, my favorites are 1 up 1 down also known as Wessex ledger with small hooks from 10 to 4 at the maximum, however if your after a big one a running ledger with a single 2 to 2/0 with fresh mackerel fillet or a pennel with 1/0 circle with whole Squid can be a real killer rig on it's day trace line should be 20/25lb length is not that important. .The main baits are ragworms and squid although fresh mackerel can be good for a bonus fish. Bream are a common and fast growing fish but I still like to see spawned up females returned.

Have a look below at some of the bream caught from the Poole area, hover over the image to see a larger picture.

bream fishing no 1 bream fishing no 2 bream fishing no 3 bream fishing no 4
bream fishing no 5 bream fishing no 5 bream fishing no 5 bream fishing no 5
bream fishing no 5 bream fishing no 6 bream fishing no 7 bream fishing no 8
bream fishing no 9 bream fishing no 10 bream fishing no 11 bream fishing no 12
bream fishing no 13 bream fishing no 14 bream fishing no 15