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End of Year 2018

After the beast from the east hit in March the fishing was a bit slow to get started but it did end up being one of the best years ever for speices and specimens,with the boat record for species being smashed with a total of 60 for the year and several boat records were broken!
Fish of the month for March was a 21lb Spurdog caught by Darren Phillips, we also had Ling to 10lb Thornbacks to 13lb 

Fish of the month for April was a 17lb Undulate Ray caught by Dave Colclough,we also had lots of Rays,Congers,Smoothounds and of course Bream!

May was an amazing month with too many great fish to mention, Paul Filer won fish of the month with a Piscary record Bass of 16lb 8oz, Roy Adams broke the Gar record with a fish of 1lb 8oz, we also had Blondes to 21lb,Tope, Bullhuss,Spurdogs and Bream to 3lb 3oz and Steve Maylin came 3rd in Poole Sea Angling Center Bream comp with a fish of 2lb 11oz winning the Pat Manly trophy for Piscary for the second year in a row.

June was also a bumper month with some good Tope fishing, Blondes to 21lb ,lots of Smoothounds to 9lb 8oz, Undulates to 17lb. Darren Phillips hit the jackpot again boating Piscarys first ever Coalfish at 8lb, and Andy Speight almost beat the boat record Turbot , with a monster flatty of 21lb.

July was unbelievable good , first of all the Piscary Gilt-head Bream record was broken 3 times in one week. First by Darren Phillips at 1lb 11oz, then by Dave Colclough at 1lb 15oz, and finally by Shaun Lyndsey- Collins at 2lb 2oz. Another first for Piscary were the Thin Lipped Mullet we caught this year. Again the record was broken a few times in one evening, with the largest being caught by Andy Mitchell at 2lb 14oz . We had our annual Stingray trip , only one small one caught by Steve Churchill to add to his & the boat species for the year. Darren Phillips had another super rare fish a Streaked Gurnard, only the second one we have ever seen. Other notable fish we had were Bream to 4lb, Thick Lipped Mullet to 3lb 11 oz and there were quite a few nice Plaice around.

August fishing was pretty standard compared to other months, however we did have some very good sessions on the Rays ,Sole, Plaice, Bass to over 9lb and Damen Court added to the speices with a Couch's Bream again only the second one we have ever seen.

September saw us do a bit more offshore and wreck fishing than normal where Dave Colclough absolutely smashed our Tub Gurnard record with a fish of 6lb 4oz we also had quite a few very big Pollack and Undulates to 18lb
The weather stayed very settled in October and managed to get offshore quite a bit again .The big Pollack were still showing with fish to 13lb 12oz,I had a personal best Blonde Ray of 27lb we also had Smoothounds to 13,The Sole fishing was the best it's been for a few years with fish to 2lb 4oz and Steve Churchill added to the speices with a Golden Grey Mullet.

Unfortunately the weather was not so kind in November and we only did a hand full of trips, we made the most of our days out though with plenty of Congers, Spurdogs. Roy Adams had yet another first for Piscary an Atlantic Bonito. There were still plenty of Rays inshore along with some nice Whiting, Andy Pedon equaled the boat record Ballan Wrasse with a beauty of 6lb 6oz.

The weather was just as bad in December right up until the end of the month when we got a few trips in to finish the year off as you would expect the fish was very good with Whiting to 3lb 6oz, Congers to 47lb,Blonde Rays and Spurdogs to 17lb 

All the fish of the month winners won a Bongee Spongee.

The Piscary Tuesday Evening league was another great success with Gary Rook winning the League on 63 points he wins a free trip, Gillon Thompson was second on 60 points, Pete Dickinson was third on 58
Gary also had the most speices in the league with 22 second was Pete Dickinson with 20 he wins a free trip by default.
Gillon Thompson had the best specimen in the league a 14lb Undulate he also wins a free trip. The evening league will be running again next year, starting on Tuesday 7th May, then fortnightly until 24th September. Best 8 out of 11 to count for the scores. Please contact me to book in or for more details.

In the annual species hunt Darren Phillips came out on top with 43 species , he wins a free trip. Steve Collins was second on 40 , he wins a free evening/half day trip. Dave Colclough was third on 39, then Nick Lark on 37, Roy Adams & James Ellis on 36, Kim White on 34, Rex Swansbury, Neil Mortimer & Damen Court all on 31,Gillon Thompson on 29, Vernon Allen on 28, Steve Churchill & Andy Peadon on 27, Leigh Van Eldik on 26, Pete Dickinson on 23, Richard Day & Rod Giles on 21.

The species hunt will not be running next year however we will be running the Piscary Friday super league on the last Friday of the month starting on 26th April for 9 months. There will be a total pot of 1000 in cash prizes up for grabs contact me for more details or to book in.

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