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Visit Matt's previous boat Seajay here

I tried for years to catch a shark on the South Coast from a charterboat and never had a sniff so I was delighted when the second time I tried on my own boat, Seajay,  we hooked two, one of which we landed, unfortunately one was lost. Since then I have managed to keep a 50% record on porbeagles, we haven't had a thresher yet its the next on my list. I really like going for sharks it's exciting enough watching them swimming round the boat let alone hooking one,  playing a 200lb + porbeagle is the most exhilarating fishing  I've done without doubt! I operate a shark catch and release policy,  strictly under no circumstances will a shark be killed, we have had sharks that have appeared all but dead, but  still swim off strongly when released.

Have a look below at some of the pictures of shark caught from my previous boat Seajay, hover over the image to see a larger picture.

shark fishing no 1 shark fishing no 2 shark fishing no 3 shark fishing no 4
shark fishing no 5 shark fishing no 6 shark fishing no 7 shark fishing no 8
shark fishing no 9