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Trigger fish
Trigger fish seem to becoming more wide spread and more numerous each year, they start to show late summer and stay until mid autumn. We first caught them by accident but now they can be targeted. They live close in to the shore, mostly out of the tide, on rough ground and are great fun on light tackle where they fight hard for their size, but you do need to use small hooks. So far I've never had a trigger taken home and I would prefer to keep it that way, they are far too smart to kill.

Trigger fish rigs are more or less the same a Black Bream,a paternoster rig or 1 up 1 down (Wessex Ledger) but heavier line as Triggers can bite through the trace so 25lbBS hook length is a must they also have quite small mouths so hooks 8 to 4 are best large strips of Squid seem to be the best bait but they will take worm and Prawn.

Have a look below at some of the triggerfish caught from my previous boat Seajay, hover over the image to see a larger picture.

triggerfish fishing no 1 triggerfish fishing no 2 triggerfish fishing no 3 triggerfish fishing no 4
triggerfish fishing no 5 triggerfish fishing no 6 triggerfish fishing no 7 triggerfish fishing no 8